The key to effective coaching is being able to help each client to develop their insight into themselves and add high value skills to increase personal productivity.

The only business tool that is constant is your brain. Just like anything in life there are techniques and skills than can be learned to give greater efficiency and ease in succeeding.

Just as a golfer uses external tools and a mental game to succeed through training and practice so too can you develop your abilities to make life easier, to achieve more, and to develop greater clarity and focus in your life and business.

Coaching is not about fixing broken things, but about developing and continuing to succeed at greater and greater levels and challenges.

A key element of Business Coaching is delivering to you the skills that will continue to serve you right throughout your life, not just with the task in hand.


Times where Business Coaching can provide vital advancement include:

Entrepreneurs, starting or developing a business.

With so much going on and so many choices you need to be clear on your direction and ensure you have the best skill set available to you to carry your dreams to successful reality.

Stuck in a Rut.

Maybe there’s a ceiling you can’t seen to break through, or you seem to be working hard but not getting where you want to go. If you need to find your clarity and direction I can help you.

Uncertainty in direction.

Perhaps you have many options or are not sure you’re seeing all your choices, in either case certainty about the right one for you is a critical point before you pour your time and energy into it.

Difficulty with follow-through.

One of the most common challenges for many people in business is being able to follow-through on projects. This can stem from uncertainty, lack of confidence, stress, or many other factors. Identifying and resolving these issues can open the road to allow you to excel.

Priorities and planning.

The old cliché – “If you don’t know where you’re going you probably won’t get there”, is not only a cliché, it’s also true. Setting appropriate goals and putting in place efficient plans are mission critical factors for any business. Coaching will help not only clarify these issues, but to give you skills to succeed in this area long term.


Service I provide to Individuals and Businesses:

Entrepreneurial Development
Running a start-up business commonly requires you to keep a lot of balls in the air at once. Maintaining accurate focus and direction can be difficult in so complex a role. Coaching can help you identify your correct track, and keep you on it while increasing your personal effectiveness and overall efficiency.

Performance Analysis
When you need to be sure you are seeing all perspectives and options, to ensure a Big Picture vision is available before setting priorities, skilled coaching can help you find, focus, and enhance your abilities.

Strategic Direction
In order to succeed you need to define your strategy accurately and to set in place the correct course of action to not only succeed, but to excel. Business Coaching in this area can reduce the time and costs involved in the process of setting Strategic Direction and reduce the chance of overlooking key elements.

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills
Often a vital part of a process as well as a key skill for advancement. Coaching will help you overcoming anxieties that may be holding you back or simply developing your skill set to excel.

Interpersonal Skills and Emotional Intelligence
In every business environment an ability to work with others is necessary. A greater number and level of interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence will help enthuse and inspire co-workers or employees, impress management, and make your life easier and more productive.

Interview Skills
The ability to summon confidence and eliminate anxiety or worry is key to being able to present your best in any situation. Most people going for interviews are obviously anxious, just imagine how well you will look when you are the candidate who is able to present your skills and abilities in a naturally calm, relaxed and confident way.

One word that means so much and can determine success or failure. Learning the methods that let you dissipate your fears and summon your confidence when you need it can not only allow immediate success in a crisis, but can develop confidence into being your natural state.

Personal Productivity Enhancement
If you feel you could be more successful and achieve more I can assist you in developing the skills to do just that. Your unique knowledge and situation coupled with advanced business psychology skills can allow you to find direction, focus, and enhanced performance at any stage of your career.

Time Efficiency Skills
Being able to use your time to achieve the most without burning out is a vital mission critical skill set for everyone. The efficient use of time, and the automatic reduction in stress that goes hand in hand with it are an area I can help greatly in.

Stress Elimination
Whether reducing your own stress levels or working to improve a team’s stress you can succeed by understanding stress, it’s causes, and it’s bodily impact. Key, fast, and simple stress management and inoculation techniques are the way to victory. Methods that make you less susceptible to negative stress combined with stress elimination methods that can be employed in seconds will make your life easier, happier, and more productive.

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