Neuro linguistic Programming is a system of working with the real sensations of emotion and how the mind perceives experience. For example, when you are stressed and need to do something about it, you might just notice you are out of sorts. However, if you stop and really check what you’re feeling and thinking you might notice more: a feeling of pressure in your head, a churning or tightness in your stomach, restriction of the chest etc. Hand in hand with this if you examine what your mind is doing you’ll probably notice a lot of rushing thoughts, maybe repetition of the same thought, and so on.

By recognising what your mind and body are doing you can gain huge and swift control over your emotions and your abilities. NLP interventions tend to be fast  and powerful. They are about gaining more control, being more calm, and building confidence when you need it.

There is also a large resource of language and body language skills to read what is really going on in others and to take control of yourself to achieve more in any situation. From negotiations, to interviews, to day to day stress, to increased sports or business performance, and more, NLP is a must have skill-set.

I’ve found it useful helping people such as:

Anxiety sufferers

Trauma sufferers

Depressed people

Business Executives

Entrepreneurs starting new venture

Pro Poker Players

Top level athletes

Fellow therapists


and more.

The reason it’s so versatile and successful is it looks at what your mind does naturally and creates change using those same natural systems. In essence using the minds own method of operating to help you change for the better.