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Stress Reduction

I specialise in immediate stress reduction in high pressure environments. Rather than taking one staff member and sending them for Stress Management Training, which is time consuming and can only yield a reward down the line, my team and I are trained to go into an existing high-stress area and immediately reduce stress levels in just one day!


This stress busting approach combines stress reducing methods as well as training fast working and dynamic stress reducing techniques that can be learned in minutes and deployed to strong effect in seconds.


With a focus on the techniques that are used most in Business, Politics, and Pro-Sports to yield fast, reliable results when they are needed this programme accomplishes a vast reduction in stress and creates the ability for you and your staff to be less stress reactive in the future.

Each program is tailored to your individual needs. Ideal ratios are 12 participants to each facilitator. Large or small groups can be catered for.

I will be happy to conduct a needs analysis your specific situation if you desire.


To discuss your needs and for a quote to meet them please contact me at 085 13 13 700 or
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Motivation and Confidence

Anxiety Reduction

Emotional Intelligence.

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