Aim to winTip 2

This one is a short one: Take a 30 minute walk five days a week.
An analysis of many studies and pieces of research on anxiety showed exercise could reduce anxiety by 48%.

It is expected that even two 15 minute walks a day can give the same results. If you find it hard to find time to exercise try and combine it with something that is already scheduled. For example; if you drive to work can you park 15 minutes walk from the entrance? That way there is less planning, making time, and getting ready etc. You just add the bare 15 minutes needed each way and you don’t have to make the time elsewhere.

Tip 3

In most cases anxiety builds gradually. (If it came on suddenly it’s probably related to an upsetting or traumatic event, in that case get appropriate therapy for the trauma and it will help the anxiety. There are four or five proven methods to resolve trauma).

You can de-construct it gradually too. Too often we think in on/off terms or black and white in life. The way to win is to view things as a bit-by-bit process. Can you set yourself a small challenge and succeed, and then set a slightly bigger one and overcome that too?

So, if we find that things we want to do are also things that make us anxious – something that we find makes our gut tighten when we think ‘Will it work” or fear looking foolish for trying’ or similar, then can we find a small part of the task and get familiar and comfortable with that size of risk? Use the mindfulness tip in the last post to help you do so. Train your mind that a small part is ok, and then, part by part, succeed with the project. Grow your confidence as you do so and bit by bit erode the conditioning of the anxiety.

Thanks again for all the positive comments and feedback on the posts. It’s huge to see so many people sharing and liking this. I really hope it serves you or someone close to you and helps. Remember, things really can change. When crippled with anxiety and depression even the good times were dark. That’s no longer the case in my life. Whoever it is that you know with anxiety, help them have hope. Build it. It’s the one thing that brings us to where we can succeed.