Life changesMy life is totally changed. I went from a knot in my gut holding me back in many areas of life to enjoying work and home life. From taking 2-3 hours to fall asleep at night to sleeping well. From panic about classrooms and speaking to leading seminars, speaking to public groups, to speaking at the Olympia in London this coming September, and I’m loving it.

Things can change for most of us, but only if we go looking for a solution. It won’t be the same solution for each of us. But one thing is certain, until we acknowledge the issue we can’t resolve it. We have to try for better to have this chance.

There’s a lot we can do to live better with a problem, but try for living better without the problem first!

I know it can be terrifying to begin but I also know it isn’t as hard as we imagine for most of us. When we’re in a bad place everything seems very difficult and usually that’s where we shy away from trying, which just keeps us in that dark place.

I hope you’ll take a step in the right direction this year. Please think of it this way, can you make things 2% better in the next week by starting to tackle it? If you could do that, just 2% improvement a week then the problem can be solved in a year.

Change is not on/off, it’s one step in the right direction at a time. It might have the odd step back, but as long as there are more in the right direction the you are solving the problem, making progress, and making your life better.

Every best wish for success,