Richard Branson, Barack Obama, and You have exactly the same amount of time today.

Time is NOT about getting more done or greater productivity. Time is about living each day – whether it’s the fun parts, the work parts, your relationships, or any part of life. Really living each part.

When you relax – do something truly relaxing, don’t settle for simply passing the time. When you decide to take time off really do so – no checking e-mail, or half working / half relaxing.

It’s the in-between states where we spend so much of our lives, and then feel that we have no time because we are never truly present with any one task or feeling.

When you work; focus on work. When you play; be completely at play. When you’re spending ‘quality time’ with your loved ones, be there inside your thoughts and attention as well in body!

If you find you are never simply doing one thing, that your mind is split between things and always feel rushed and busy, then you are most likely simply passing time rather than living. Just trying to get through things and not being invested in each as you go. You probably spend evenings watching TV just because it’s there rather than watching something you truly wanted to watch, or spend hours on YouTube or Facebook, not because you made a decision to do so as much as it simply fills the time and distracts you.

You have 24 hours a day. Don’t spend them in distraction.

Live as many of them as possible.

Change is easier than you think.