The Linguistics of Hope.

The difference can be made with a word. The ‘message of hope’ and how to accomplish it is vital. It’s vital because the person in need of help usually doesn’t know which way is best, or even if real help is available. At the moment of decision or turning away you need to be able to help them in a way that reaches them.


This Half-Day or Evening workshop delivers the skills to communicate subtly and with elegance to reach the unconscious mind as well as the logical mind. Our decisions are made more with feeling than with reason. To present both is to reach the mind fully, allowing you to help at any stage.

Can't talk


Regardless of whether you are a physical therapist, a psychotherapist, or an alternative therapist of any kind, what you say can make the difference as to whether a client persists and gets well or loses the will to continue, and stops.

Develop the skills to deliver your message excellently:

Increase client understanding

Inspire confidence and hope

Create a closer bond and rapport, quickly

Avoid the pit-falls that create doubt

Achieve more and be more persuasive

Achieve more for your client with quicker results


Creating opportunities for your clients.

A Cognitive Behavioural Therapist I know, commented that ‘nobody does their homework’ about trying to get clients to use the techniques shown to get better. Asking more, it became apparent that his way of telling the client what they needed to do, was creating resistance. A simple change in his linguistics was all that was needed, and this resulted in greater success for both client and therapist.

From making the initial contact to positively influencing your client, to make the healing process better for them, what you say and how it is said are the difference between success and failure!

If the client doesn’t truly hear your message at your first contact you can’t help them. Getting them to step in your door and then sending them back out inspired and improving, language is key!

How and Where.

This workshop can be run for your organisation, group, association, or any group of therapists.

Places are limited to a max. of 10 participants per workshop to maximise your success.

The Workshop takes 3 and a half hours and can be delivered on-site or in clinic as required, and may form part of a full day or multiple day course as suits your needs. This workshop can be tailored to your group or organisation’s specific needs. Contact me to discuss your requirements.


To arrange your Workshop call now on 085 13 13 700 or Email

An investment in yourself is always with you.


Your facilitator:

John Prendergast MCHPA, is a Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist, Licensed Trainer of NLP & Business Performance Coach. He learned his hypnotic language and influence skills by training initially as a Hypno-Psychotherapist and Hypno-Analyst and then went on to refine his abilities even further with both Dr Richard Bandler (the co-creator of NLP) in the USA and Paul McKenna in London.

John works with people from all walks of life, from Army Officers, Entrepreneurs, Therapists, Survivors of Abuse, and Homemakers, to Violent Offenders working to turn their lives around. His skills and experience helping hundreds of people create real change in their lives allows John to deliver the skills you need; just imagine how much happier and more successful you can be when you know how to master your emotions, motivation, and mood at will!


“John Introduces a new way of looking at Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy which adopts easy techniques & mechanisms to help you learn about yourself & your body’s reaction to stressful situations and most importantly allows you to manage these negative restrictive feelings and move in a more positive, productive way.” – Michelle R. Workshop Attendee

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