I was just reading a research paper and a paragraph caught my eye. I’ve copied it below.

With severe trauma your Hippocampus actually shrinks. Sadly most people don’t usually realise there are physical elements to emotional problems. However, when you get the right treatment that area can grow back to a healthy size. When you deal with is causing a problem the brain will respond and heal itself.

“Wide arrays of experimental studies are supportive of a working memory explanation for the effects of eye movements in EMDR therapy (de Jongh et al., 2013). EMDR therapy is guided by the adaptive information processing (AIP) model (Shapiro, 2014). Levin, Lazrov & van der Kol,k (1999) found increased activation of the anterior cingulated gyrus and of the left frontal lobe after 3 sessions of EMDR treatment. Brain scans have clearly demonstrated pre-post changes after EMDR therapy, including increases in hippocampal volume, which have implications for memory storage (Shapiro, 2012)”.