“My whole life is different after meeting with, and listening to, John. My business life, my personal life, and life in general is enjoyable again. I honestly could never envisage myself saying life is enjoyable. It was a chore, something to face and deal with – usually in a state of anger and depression. Life can be stressful but John has given me the tools (and coached me in their use) to face it, deal with it, and YES – ENJOY IT. Friends and colleagues have noted my behavior and cannot understand my new way of working and living. Thanks you John.” 

Stephen, Co Westmeath.

“Life was anxious, fully of worry and self doubt. My mind was always pre-occupied with negative thoughts and needless over analysis. I second guessed myself all the time. I was stressed most of the time and was quite a negative/unhappy person.” Now: “My mind is less full of needless negative thoughts and emotions. I feel equipped to deal with situations that would have stressed me out previously. I am a more positive person and feel more comfortable in my own skin. I feel much less stressed and my anxiety levels and really decreased. Its great!”

Ann, Westmeath.


I have learned to control my mind and feelings. Have gained new confidence which will help me in my new business.

Controlling my mind and feelings definitely has improved my quality of life; not getting angry about little things, and not thinking and thinking over and over again about my problems. It’s SMASHING, FANTASTIC, and AWESOME!

Sandra Mulhall


“Stressful and in dissaray with overeating, bad mood swings, no feeling good in myself, no me time, no family time.”Now: “Being more calm in myself, putting things that matter into perspective and setting goals to achieve these, feeling happier, confident more in myself which my wife and kids benefit as I’m in a better humour and its impacting on them in a good way. John is a must-see therapist and is worth the wait to see him as he will help you believe and achieve the things you want to have.”

Joseph Costello.


“Before sessions with John Public Speaking was a nightmare, I would seize up or try my best to get out of giving presentations. As I started a new job I knew I would be giving presentations and would not be able to get out of doing them.  I can now give presentations confidently and actually like the thought of public speaking, something I had never imagined before.

Social anxiety was always a struggle for me but EMDR has massively helped me cope with this also.”

Carol Reynolds, Roscommon


“Before meeting John I was suffering anxiety, educational burnout, and stress. I was trying to please too many people. I also was carrying emotional baggage and deep down hadn’t dealt with bereavements that had occurred in my family.

Thanks to John’s help I learned techniques like ‘dialing down the emotions’ and ‘being assertive but not aggressive’. John has given me the emotional tools to equip myself better to deal with life issues.”

Francis, Westmeath.


“Before I came to John, my life was consumed by anxiety and I had not much optimism in regards to that ever changing. Upon the end of my therapy, my life looks so different. 

I’m happier and my anxiety has dropped massively. All it took was processing events in my life. I’m forever grateful!”

Jordan, Athlone Clinic


“John was excellent throughout my consultation, I am very impressed and have already scheduled my next appointment.”

Stephen M.


“When I began therapy I was experiencing 5-7 panic attacks a day. I was heavily restricted in day to day life avoiding busy places like shopping centres in case I’d have a panic attack in public. After just 7 sessions I have not had a panic attack in months. My anxiety is reduced 85% and I feel more confident in busy areas. I am also better at dealing with situations that in the past would cause me anxiety. I highly recommend it to anyone with anxiety.”

Jenny, Athlone


John Prendergast helped me change my life. I gave a speech about women’s mental health in front of 150 people last Monday – many of them highly respected members of the community – and I nailed it!! Even though I still had some nerves I never doubted my ability to deliver. Thank you John for helping me realise my potential – you so totally ROCK!!

– S L, Roscommon.


This postcard was a nice surprise to find on my desk one morning. It’s from a past client who couldn’t go even a short car ride from home without panic and fear. Nice to see them doing so much better:London


“When I first consulted with John I could not make eye contact or even be confident in what I thought I was suffering from; anxiety and even panic attacks. I have a little girl who was being affected by my issues as I isolated us and begin to withdraw from activities with my child… …At last I can be in control of myself in crowds, enjoy a night out, and spend quality time with my baby girl and I can finally enjoy my precious girl and acknowledge the emotions I feel.”

T.S. Offaly – Former Anxiety Client.


“Hi John, I hope you are keeping well! Just to let you know I had a really positive experience performing today. I put all your training to the test & I was very relaxed & confident playing.
Getting better at using body language to my advantage in teaching and stressful situations too. So just to say how thankful I am to you,you do amazing work, it’s much appreciated. All the best!
Noel, Athlone.


“Before coming to John I felt trapped in the way I felt as a child, getting rid of past hurts seemed beyond me. I just piled more bad feeling on top! John gave me the skills to not let me past hurt / effect me. He taught me how to get on with the business of living day to day with a spring in my step and skills to help me cope with any future trauma as it may arise.”

Angela Flaherty


“Reviewing the changes that have taken place in my life over a number of months in therapy is overwhelming. I have been thought simple, really effective techniques and tools that once learned cannot be forgotten, they have helped me to transform my whole way of thinking and dealing with the world. Before hand I was experiencing crippling self doubt and a spiralling into the negative imagined outcomes with one negative thought, emotion, feeding the next. Now my brain has new circuits, new techniques learned, inbuilt to defuse anxiety and negative thoughts and emotions. Anything is possible now! This practical kind of therapy is the greatest gift I feel one can give to themselves. I am hugely grateful for everything I’ve learned. Thank you :)”

Ruth Foley


Life was difficult! I lived a life of avoidance. Constantly scanning for threats, difficult situations to avoid… now… I’ve started to live again. I have the tools and techniques I need to live a happier life.”

David Sinclair.

“Last month I visited John to discuss some issues I was experiencing and during this single two hour session, John was able to determine that I was suffering from anxiety. Although my issues were not of the extreme level, it had an adverse effect on my quality of life. During this session John was able to teach me techniques to help deal with circumstances that were igniting my anxiety. Over the last month I have been practicing these techniques and can honestly say that it has helped me no end. John also provided me with a CD to help me relax and this alone has been a tremendous help as the quality of my sleeping has improved greatly. No matter what issues you may be experiencing, there are highly qualified people out there to help and John is definitely one of them. Once again John Thanks.”

Robbie – Co. Roscommon


“I was constantly worrying and thinking about bad stuff, about past failures, troubles, about what’s wrong and going on in my life. I think more about pleasant things now, I don’t over-think. I dealt with my past. I laugh more. It’s real laughter. I didn’t laugh like that for years. I can read books again, I sing and enjoy music. I don’t need any medication to breath deeply. Thank you John, and thanks to myself :)”

Anna – Athlone Clinic


“I felt like my head/thoughts were controlling me and my life and going downhill all the time – no light at the end of the tunnel. I always felt as a whole I wasn’t happy during my life. I know now I am able to control my life/thoughts/how I see things – I feel like I have a second chance to start a new life.”
Diane – Co. Westmeath


“Anxiety ridden and overwhelming, scary, undoable. Life seemed undoable. – There is more sunshine in my mind. I don’t wake up in dread. I feel way more competent in my ability to handle things and know I have the tools needed to tackle any obstacle or fear in life.”
– Sonja Quinn


“I was getting very annoyed and upset over things I had no control over. It was causing trouble with my eyes and my marriage. Now the same thing does not cause problems for me as I accept them.”

– Greg Burke


“Life before was ok but not great, more often than not I felt low which in turn made me frustrated. I wanted more from life even though I should be happy with what I had. After visiting John I am now calmer and more pragmatic. Aspects of my life are much better including relationships and motivation. John has given me the tools to deal with future issues. This is only the beginning and things can only get better!”

– Dermot, Kildare



Paul Mooney – Happiness & Success Workshop

“Very good, useful techniques that I can use to achieve my goals”


Michelle Roche – Happiness & Success Workshop

“John Introduces a new way of looking at Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy which adopts easy techniques and mechanisms to help you learn about yourself and your body’s reaction to stressful situations and most importantly allows you to manage these negative restrictive feelings and move in a more positive, productive way.”