PermissionHave you ever noticed how it’s the people who’ve never succeeded that tell you what to do? The people who never started a business tell you how you’ll fail, how hard it is, to be realistic and give up? People who never faced anxiety or depression tell you to get over it as if they understood it, but don’t tell you how to do so?

Ask someone who did it, who tried and succeeded with their challenges and you’ll hear how it works, how you can do it, how it may be a lot of work but do-able. To go for it!

If you want success, spend time with the successful. If you want to change, talk to those who have changed. If you want to be happy, spend time with people who make you happy.

If you keep getting told you’ll fail, that life is hard, that the system is stacked against you, and if the people around you drag you down and make you unhappy then you need to spend time with some different people! Expand your horizons, meet others who support you. Grow!

Change is easier than you think!