Your mind will tell you ‘I can’t because I don’t have what I need’.

That’s usually not true. Check out this video and think what would you have said you’d need before you could have attempted it?

This year I’ve met people who really reached me with the message that resourcefulness is better than money, better than education, better than luck.

Michelle Mone launched her brand with only £500 left to her name and spend it on an advertising stunt. That company is now worth £100 million.

Andy Harrington was bankrupt 5 years ago and sleeping on the floor of his mother’s apartment with his kids. He’s now the world’s highest paid public speaking trainer.

A local colleague of mine who was in a bad accident and had huge brain damage has worked tirelessly and tried many different things to get better. If you met him you’d never know what huge damage was done.

We can always look at ‘what don’t I have’ but wouldn’t it be better to ask ourselves the question: ‘What useful thing can I do with what I do have?’

Start making your 2015 plan today, based on what you have and what you can do. Build on that. Small steps, consistently taken, are what win.

Change is easier than you think.