I was asked this week how I go about creating success when I have a new project. I’d like to share one easy-to-use five step method that I find great. The difference between success and failure is often a combination of feeling and your brain’s ability to spot opportunity. This helps with both.
1  You have an idea for what you want to do or achieve. Most of us look at it like looking up a hill to success.  Instead, imagine for a moment that you have already succeeded. What does that success feel like? What are you doing? Who is with you? Where are you? Notice and imagine it all in detail (this lets your mind lock onto what you want and seems to make pattern matching for success occur more naturally).
2. Then imagine you are half way there. Where you are, what you feel, what you are doing then. Write it down. Think of another  point being on your journey, say a year from now. Ask yourself the same questions and visualise that point of the process. Write it down.
3. What can you do this week that will put you on that road to success? Write out what it is and schedule it this week. Keep it short to start. One positive step. What is the most useful thing you can do now?
4.  Dip into that mental image of success once or twice a week for 15 minutes. Really create it in your mind and visualise it, feel it, hear it in your mind. Get to know it. Every day drop into that image for a few seconds here and there. Program it into your mind. Repetition is key.
5.  When you’re down or doubting yourself recall what success feels like, what the goal is. Keeping the reward in mind, keeping it meaningful, will help you through the low times.
Top ot the Mountain