That sense of not being able to focus or push through, which distracts us into time wasting. Rather than do what we need to do we waste time on Facebook, Netflix, mindless games etc. Usually with a sense of ‘why bother, it won’t work’, ‘there’s too much to do to even start’, ‘I can’t do that’.

Speaking at the Midlands Career Expo I meet people who held off on doing up their CV’s until the day before, people who couldn’t approach the business the wanted to speak to as fear welled up when they approached the stand, people who were desperately trying not to be noticed while at the same time looking for a job.

It sounds crazy, bit it’s perfect normal when we’re stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or suffering trauma. There are lots of things that drag us down, and we usually ignore them.

I did so for decades. In my late teens I tried to go to some classes in UCD.

I panicked. I usually got off the bus at Montrose, one stop before UCD. On the days I made it in I more often than not couldn’t get into the classroom.

I remember doing laps of the inside of the building. Each time fear rose as I approached the classroom door and I went around the building again telling myself ‘next time’. But sitting in a classroom was almost impossible for me.

Most of life was filled with unfinished projects as I was dragged down by the sense of ‘not good enough’, ‘won’t succeed’, ‘can’t do that’, ‘not as good as other people’.

Now days life is utterly different. Tonight, I’ll be live delivering a webinar to people in a dozen countries, in two weeks I’ll be standing at the front of a room training therapists in Dublin. I speak at many events and run my own events in London too.

Why am I telling you this? Because I was that person who felt I was ‘a loser’, that ‘I couldn’t succeed’, and that ‘there was no point.’

If that ‘loser’ could change and make a better life, then anyone can.

This video is my story. I hope it helps some people to try for a better life too.

Change is easier than you think!

Hope you’re having a great week,