StuckIn order to get nothing done you’ve got to fill your day without finishing anything useful. That’s exhausting. Do you have any idea how much Candy Crush Saga you have to play to stay distracted for weeks let alone months? It might be TV, it might be something else, but day after day you have to fill hours in order to be getting nowhere.

Yet it feels like ‘I’ve no time and can’t get ahead’, but the reality is you are devoting hours and hours to the project of distraction. Just think about how many lies you’re telling yourself for that to be the case.

Here’s the challenge. Even if you work long hours can you limit your distraction time? Can you limit the time you spend not working on your dreams to just 22.5 hours a day? Would that give you time for work, sleep, entertainment, and kicking back while still letting you use 90 minutes a day to make your life better? 22.5 hours of the usual to just 90 minutes pursuing your dream?

I’d love to hear what you are going to do with that one block of time. Make it yours and be consistent. If you do stuff life improves!

Change is easier than you think!