Today is International Happiness day. Did you notice?
Are you happy?

If not, perhaps rather than pretend to be for the day why not use the day to your advantage? Have a think. What would both make you happy and keep you happy?

We usually think ‘I’ll be happy when I get the new job’ or when ‘I find the right person’, etc. And you will be, for a while. Real happiness is where you are happy without it being dependent on ‘the next big thing’.

Your happiness shouldn’t be about getting something new to lift your spirits, it can be you enjoying life as a default.

What would make you happy?

Write out the top 3 things you need to change to stay happy.

If you don’t know how, then may I suggest you make a commitment to yourself to find out what will help. Ask people, google and YouTube ideas, deal with any big things that hold you back (toxic people in your life, trauma, grief, lingering hurt). Get the pressure off and start looking for sustainable happiness, renewable happiness.

March 20th 2015 will be another World Happiness Day. Will you be ready to really feel it in one year?

What a brilliant use of this next 12 months that will be.

Go for it.

Change is easier than you think!