In cases where a phobia has developed without a clear single traumatic event evident as the cause Hypnotherapy can give great success to relieving the difficulties.

The mechanism whereby the brain creates the fear/phobic reaction is similar to traumatic phobias and the brain can relearn a better method to help you. The mind is still trying to protect you when it makes you have a fear reaction around the phobia and all we need to do is to give your mind a better way of helping you.

In phobias the reaction is purely unconscious, you don’t decide to react with fear or panic, it just wells up. Hypnotherapy is ideal to treat such difficulties as hypnosis connects with the unconscious part of the mind so easily, allowing us to offer the mind a new and better way of helping you. It’s this desire for the mind to help you as best it can that allows us to create long lasting improvements in life.

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