Panic Attacks are where a rising feeling of fear reaches severe levels. Usually the heart pounds and often there is difficulty in breathing. A sense of being overwhelmed and being unable to cope go hand in hand with a Panic Attack.

The key to stopping panic attacks from occurring is in finding the cause. Panic Attacks can result from many causes, but the most common would be:

1: Often when a person has continuous low level anxiety it can form into panic in a moment of pressure or stress and a pattern can develop. In such cases resolving the underlying anxiety results in and end to the panic.

2: If a strong phobia is present it can create Panic Attacks. Usually what has occurred in such instances, is that the brain has learned in one instant that something is a danger and has created an over-reaction to that trigger. The brain can relearn the appropriate reaction in such cases using various therapeutic techniques to overcome the panic and the fear reactions.

3: Certain Traumatic events can result in Panic Attacks. These are most easily dealt with through EMDR but in cases where the trauma is not clear Hypnotherapy can uncover the reaction and resolve the underlying causes.

The initial free assessment is used to determine where the panic is coming from and then a programme of treatment is developed for your individual needs. For more information on how I can help you, please contact me. I’ll be happy to chat and answer any questions you might have about what assistance I can give.