If inside you’re a success then the past doesn’t matter. You feel successful and you’ll do the things that progress your life.

If you are anxious, hesitant, and keep putting things off then you’ll keep putting success off too.

You create success in yourself first. Once you live that then success happens in the outside world too.

I know what I’m talking about on this one. I struggled for years thinking ‘this will make me happy’ with each thing in life, but they didn’t. Until I overcame the nagging self-doubt, worry, depression, over-analysing, trouble sleeping, paranoia about what others were thinking, and so on I was never going to stay happy. Now life is much easier.

The facts speak for themselves. Happy people create more success. Success doesn’t as reliably make you happy.

It’s not the car, the job, the relationship, or the house that will keep you happy. They’ll give you a boost for a while, but then how you feel about yourself inside will reassert itself and your happiness level will return to that lower place.

The one thing that can keep you happy is you. Find how to throw off your baggage, whatever is holding you down, anxiety, depression, whatever. Fix these first. Then it’s much easier to become and stay happy and successful.

Focus on the things that will make life easier, happier, and you’ll be more successful too as your mind will have more energy available, and it’ll be looking for opportunity rather than thinking ‘how can I fail?’

Change is easier than you think”

Happiness is Success