As therapist and change facilitators we encounter the sharp end of life. For hours at a time we are bombarded and struck with emotion after emotion from the people we help. Stories of the most horrible things that happen to people are our daily digest.

It’s hardly a surprise that therapists of all sorts have elevated risks of suicide. When i was considering a job offer in Australia this was driven home. I was told that the clinic provided pro-bono stress management to loack hair saloons as people come to get their hair cut and they unload all their worries and problems with the stylist. The clinic, only half jokingly, referred to hair dressers as ‘The first line of defense in mental health’.

There’s a raft of skills and techniques that are available to help you setup your own mind to be safe from the tidal wave of emotion and hurt that is faced every day by psychotherapists, alternative therapists, and even body-work and physical therapists.

This workshop will teach you the skills used at the top of the profession to stay free and relaxed, enjoying life and your work as you continue to make a difference in people’s lives.