Top 10 questions about online therapy. With the extra stress of Covid-19 there are so many already anxious people now experiencing bad feelings at a higher level. Mind racing, taking ages to fall asleep, angry, irritable, feeling antsy and unable Read More

A more basic level of support can even be gained for free from Apps. The NHS in the UK lists ones that meet basic mental health standards. You can check them out here: I particularly like that there are Read More

The constant rushing from what we do, to the next thing we do, is interrupted. When we’re rushing from work to hobby to home, we can keep ourselves too busy and distracted to live with any true intention. Huge numbers Read More

Always nice to see research on what’s most effective for treating trauma and PTSD. Here’s the bottom line from research published this year: “Conclusions. EMDR and TF-CBT appear to be most effective at reducing symptoms and improving remission rates in Read More

In response to the growing anxiety and fear out there I am opening 5 more online sessions from next week. I will also be delivering a free online training in stress reduction skills anyone can use in a few weeks Read More