Many of us are becoming snappier, more irritated, feeling overwhelmed, and having trouble sleeping and relaxing as this crisis continues. For most people we can’t simply distract into our usual way of being over busy and always doing stuff. That Read More

When my mind was racing, I was overwhelmed, going back over every conversation, lying awake for ages unable to sleep, and panicking I had no idea that was stress. Stress or anxiety were things that happened to other people, right? Read More

Ever noticed how it’s the people who’ve never succeeded that tell us what to do? The people who never started a business tell us how we’ll fail, how hard it is, to be realistic and give up? People who never Read More

For those who are anxious quiet time is always hardest. There’s too much time to think. The mind goes back over every little thing and finds how we got it wrong, what people must have thought, how stupid we must Read More