“Consideration for others is the basic of a good life, a good society.”
Confucius (about 2500 years ago)

It’s true and it can make your life easier!

If you consider the viewpoint of others it becomes easier to make agreements, to defuse problems, and to build better relationships. It really is a blueprint for a happy life.

If I am pitching an idea to a business I need to show them how it benefits them. If I consider them and their needs it allows me to have an easier time meeting mine.

When I consider the needs of a friend I’m more likely to make their life better and more fun in small ways. That can lead to big positive changes.

In a conflict if I take the time to work out why the other person is angry I am on the road to a solution. If I simply focus on me and keep pushing my point or agenda without reference to their needs we’re likely to just keep arguing and get more frustrated.

Make your life easy. Consider the needs of others and of yourself and keep balance in the mix. If you’re spending too much time with people who do not have consideration for you that’s a sign you need to make a change.

Change is easier than you think.