“Wisdom begins in wonder”. 

Socrates (About 2400 years ago)

I believe this is the biggest and most important message.
In essence – you don’t have to know how to change – you just need to be looking for the answer.

When I was suffering severe anxiety, had bouts of depression, was suffering significant ill health from stress, I had no idea what to do or even if anything could be done. However, bit by bit that all went away as I found help that I never before knew existed.

Whatever is troubling you it’s fine not to know what the right answer is, because there is only one right answer for us all:
‘start looking now’.

We feel we’re the only person to feel the way we do, but we’re not. Others have faced this before us. Get online, ask questions, search Google and YouTube, ask people who have overcome their problems, get recommendations, and most importantly, try stuff! Try options and get the ball rolling.

Wonder where the answers are and actively search them out.

You don’t need to know the answer yet, you just need to be willing to search for it.

Change is easier than you think.