Look outside...

“Criticism comes easier than craftsmanship”.
Zeuxis (about 2500 years ago)

This is something we seem to suffer a lot from. It often seems that people who have found their own lives to be hard are too ready to knock back anyone trying to improve their own.

Perhaps it’s the thought that if someone else can change, then they would have to accept the reality that they have some control over their own circumstances after all. Responsibility can be hard to bear when not doing anything to make life better.

I’ve met so many people who have said ‘Life’s hard and you just have to get on with it’, or ‘after what happened to me I can’t change’. It might be familiar and even comfortable to sit in such thoughts, but you have more control than you know.

If someone is hurtful to you when you take charge of some part of your life and start making positive changes, just pity them. They are not able to admit what you know – that we can all change. Keep going, give yourself a smile, you are winning, they are stuck.

I lived for decades believing everyone who told me life was ‘that hard’. My belief in that made it hard for me, until I changed inside, then life got so much easier. Everything can improve. Seek your answer, keep working on it, believe in better.

Chose to take action this week. Make this summer a more enjoyable and better one for you.

Change is easier than you think.