Dog Guru

1. They love openly and completely. No hesitation, no conditions. When a dog loves someone it’s without hesitation, no holding back, no games, no deceit. Just honest love.

2. They live in the moment. If it’s eating, sleeping, playing, helping, or any other part of life, your dog lives in the present. They’re not worrying about tomorrow, fearing the past, or worrying if it said the wrong thing. They are living life now!

3. They don’t try to second guess others.

4. They eat when hungry and sleep when tired. Their schedule is not a big issue for them. They use the time they have to do what they can, and make the most of it.

5. Dogs like to comfort people. They are more likely to approach someone who’s upset or crying than someone who’s not according to research from Goldsmith College. They reduce stress (International Journal of Workplace Health Management). They can even help soldiers overcome PTSD. It seems a dog’s religion is kindness by nature.

So, look at the evidence, who’s wiser, you or your dog? My advice, cuddle and pet your guru more and learn from their example.