I’m not stressed!

When my mind was racing, I was overwhelmed, going back over every conversation, lying awake for ages unable to sleep, and panicking I had no idea that was stress.

Stress or anxiety were things that happened to other people, right?

At the moment people are finding they’re more irritable with others, that small things are causing bigger reactions, and more time is spent upset.

However, for everyone who has noticed that, there are several others who are simply having to struggle a bit harder through the week.

The amount of people who are feeling they have no time, that everything is a rush from one thing to the next with no pause for breath, and who are taking longer to get things done is staggering.

Few people recognise this as stress.

For those of us with anxiety then the stress is magnified. The anxiety is our mind looking to keep us safe. To do so it must spot dangers. Everything is then over-analysed to find the problem.

It’s only the negative that gets noticed. What did I do wrong, what did I say wrong, did I seem foolish, is it my fault? This sort of thinking blows up all the actual stress in life to much higher levels.

Sleep suffers, often our digestion is thrown off and we get irritable bowel issues like constipation or diarrhoea, and even the immune system can be hit. Constant snuffles or sinus infections, kidney infections, antibiotics after antibiotics are used to combat the weakened immune system.

Our mindset drags us down. That stress/anxiety system points out how we can fail. We see the risks but rarely how we can succeed. We pick up on all the negative things with others.

So often we regret being over critical of out kids or family and friends. We point out the mistakes before we think about it. We can’t see the good in things as we focus automatically on what could be wrong or a risk.

For decades that was me. Holding back, in fear, panic attacks around classrooms, seeing the bad and worrying all the time. I took hours to sleep and was always tired. But I never joined the dos and saw that was anxiety.

Dealing with it changed life wonderfully, in ways I could never have imagined.

My advice is, take note of how you’re feeling. Perhaps keep a sheet of paper where you check in on mood as the day goes by.

If things are getting harder, taking longer, if there’s more irritability or anger notice it as a warning and an opportunity to do something about it.

If we’re overly negative, dragging ourselves down, and feeling miserable these are signs that we can improve life by doing something about our stress.

Yoga at home on YouTube is a good way to cut stress. Mindfulness also helps. Exercise. There are many options.

Choosing to do nothing is welcoming stress and creating a more miserable tomorrow.

It can be hard to decide to make change but it’s worth it.
If more help is needed than what can be done alone then there are many therapists still working online, and success rates are about the same online as in person.

I’m always happy to try and find someone who is right to help you so feel free to get in touch. I’m also still working online too. Things are close to booked out but I still can find space for a few more if needed, but I can certainly refer to someone good if needed.

Keep holding in there and do make some steps in the right direction. Even small steps help a lot.

Change is easier than you think.

All the best,