Good options for trauma and PTSD.

Always nice to see research on what's most effective for treating trauma and PTSD.

Here's the bottom line from research published this year:

"Conclusions. EMDR and TF-CBT appear to be most effective at reducing symptoms and improving remission rates in adults with PTSD. They are also effective at sustaining symptom
improvements beyond treatment endpoint."

Happily both can be effectively delivered remotely using internet video conferencing options.

I'm trained in both TF-CBT and EMDR so if you'd like to now more feel free to get in touch.

Few people who suffer trauma realise why the feel different afterwards.

It's more normal to feel we just don't fit in as well, or that we're angry a lot, that it's not as easy to get on with people etc.

Feeling constant worry and stress, panic or overwhelm can be issues too.

The big signs of lingering trauma are more likely to be the nightmares, flashbacks to the frightening experience, and intrusive thoughts.

It's not uncommon for someone with trauma to find a memory come in and for time to stop. I've met people who would freeze and be lost in old memories for over an hour without noticing time pass.

It's not unusual and it's not crazy. That's just how trauma acts.

Thankfully there are therapies with a proven track record to help reduce these issues and let people live happier lives.

I'm always happy to chat about how life can improve, and in these lockdown times I'm available to chat online. So, feel free to get in touch if you like.

Change is easier than you think.

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Here's the link for the research if you're interested: