Therapy can be just as successful at home.

For those wondering... yes therapy can be performed at a distance.

CBT (how to change thought patterns to improve life) and EMDR (directly reducing the emotional impact of trauma) and other therapy types can all be delivered via video chat.

Secure video chat systems are available. I use VSee which is at the highest level of encryption and is approved for therapy delivery. VSee is free and you can use it on apple and android phones or tablets and Windows or Mac computers for secure online appointments.

While this is very useful for those isolated due to corona virus it's also a huge help for people suffering any anxiety of a type where visiting the clinic is a problem or who are limited in their ability to attend in person.

There's no plan to close the clinic here as we don't have much public footfall and it's 1-1 so we're a low risk operation but for anyone who prefers to engage from home you are welcome to use this option.

If you've any questions please let me know.

All the best,

085 1313700