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Can Issues like Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Stress and similar change?

Sonja Quinn

Diane, Co. Westmeath

Jenny, Athlone

David Sinclair

You are not alone

When depression hits due to life events such as grief, bullying, lost job, or anything that drags yo...
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
PTSD sounds complex and dramatic, but usually people suffering from it go unnoticed. It doesn’t have

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Level 3 Update
October 6, 2020
Level 3 Update. Essential services such as therapy are all continuing in clinic as needed during this Level 3 lockdown.   If anyone prefers to atte
June 4, 2020
We've been holding it together for weeks, but the cracks are showing. Many of us are becoming snappier, more irritated, feeling overwhelmed, and having t...
May 22, 2020
I’m not stressed! When my mind was racing, I was overwhelmed, going back over every conversation, lying awake for ages unable to sleep, and panicking I had no
May 22, 2020
Stop waiting for permission. Ever noticed how it's the people who've never succeeded that tell us what to do? The people who never started a business tell us ...

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