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Having lived decades with severe anxiety and depression, John Prendergast found the help he needed to overcome those challenges and to build a happier and more successful life. Wanting to help others find the same sort of transformation in life, he took advantage of every opportunity to train with world leading therapists & trainers.

His desire to help comes from his personal experience of too many nights awake, mind racing, panic attacks, low motivation, and avoiding too much of life while still suffering anxiety. This drives John to help real people create better lives.

John is always happy to talk to people about what can change and how life can be made better.


They did in my life, and I'm not alone

Sonja Quinn

“There is more sunshine in my mind. I don’t wake up in dread. I feel way more competent in my ability to handle things and know I have the tools needed to tackle any obstacle or fear in life.”

Diane, Co. Westmeath

“I felt like my head/thoughts were controlling me and my life and going downhill all the time – no light at the end of the tunnel. I always felt as a whole I wasn’t happy during my life. I know now I am able to control my life/thoughts/how I see things – I feel like I have a second chance to start a new life.”

Jenny, Athlone

“When I began therapy I was experiencing 5-7 panic attacks a day. I was heavily restricted in day to day life avoiding busy places like shopping centres in case I’d have a panic attack in public. After just 7 sessions I have not had a panic attack in months. My anxiety is reduced 85% and I feel more confident in busy areas. I am also better at dealing with situations that in the past would cause me anxiety. I highly recommend it to anyone with anxiety.”

David Sinclair

“Life was difficult! I lived a life of avoidance. Constantly scanning for threats, difficult situations to avoid… now… I’ve started to live again. I have the tools and techniques I need to live a happier life.”

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD sounds complex and dramatic, but usually people suffering from it go unnoticed. It doesn’t have to look dramatic to ruin a life. Any situation of fear can potentially trigger PTSD, a locked in fear of that situation that can come out when triggered by simple things. Usual signs would be people having nightmares, poor sleep, flashbacks, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts or memories of the event. This often results in the person being angry a lot, isolating themselves from others, and gradually withdrawing from life. It can look like depression in some cases. PTSD is treatable and can really change greatly in a short space of time.


That knot in the gut before exams or work meetings; the dread of going somewhere in a crowd; feeling overwhelmed by life; procrastinating or avoiding situations or people; fear of failure; irritable or grumpy all the time. These and many more, are all symptoms of anxiety, that is when the brain is stuck in fight or flight mode.  It can hold so many people back from doing what they really want to do in life.  I know - I had to cope with it for 30+ years.  The good news is, that those intrusive thoughts and feelings can be silenced.  You really can fulfil your potential!


When depression hits due to life events such as grief, bullying, lost job, or anything that drags your down, then it can be lifted. Similarly a depression that comes about when anxiety, stress, and worry drag down your mood is usually responsive to the right therapy. The first thing for us to do is to have you come in for an assessment to determine as much as we can about your depression. After that I can let you know if I think I can help you or recommend someone who can. Until we’ve done the assessment I can’t say if I can take you on or not, so there’s no charge for the assessment. I lived decades with depression not realising it can lift. Don’t let that be your story too!

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