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What is Hypnosis?

A state of relaxation and concentration at one with a state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion. It is a non-addictive power for good, and is a natural manifestation of the mind at work.


Are there some people you cannot hypnotise?

No. Anyone wishing to be hypnotised can be, (excepting the intellectually disabled and young children) though the degree varies from person to person.)


Are drugs or tablets used?



Wll I be aware of what is happening?

Yes. The predominant feeling of most people is – “It didn’t feel like being hypnotised – I never went under and was aware of what was happening the whole time”.


So, I am not asleep then?

No. You are simply extremely relaxed. This is why the technique is called ‘Conscious Hypnosis’.


Is there any cause at all for concern?

None whatsoever. Hypnosis is a proven therapeutic aid.


How many visits will I need?

Simpler problems like smoking, nail-biting, slimming, pre-test nerves, etc., usually require 1-3 sessions, and the success rate is surprisingly high.

The more deep-rooted nervous dissorders require ‘analytical’, rather than ‘suggestion’ therapy, which usually consists of 8-12 weekly sessions.


Could I be influenced to do anything against my will or nature?

No. In fact you would be shocked out of the hypnotic state immediately if any such action were suggested to you.


Can ‘normal’ people undergo Hypno-Psychotherapy or Psycho-Analysis?

Absolutely. Not only can they, but for an insight into oneself there is no equal to a course of Hypno-Analysis.

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His personal experience of depression and anxiety, including too many nights waking in panic and fear and failing to get back to sleep gave John both the insight and motivation to help others who experience similar.

Understanding the way life can become empty when anxiety makes us hold back and avoid so much of life, John is very happy now to be helping people overcome such problems. Those years of waking, dreading the day ahead mean that John now savours each day free of anxiety and lives life to the max. John is always happy to talk to those suffering about how you can change your life for the better.

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