Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance

Improving sports performance is one of the best known applications of Clinical Hypnosis. Since the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, when the Soviet team included more than ten Clinical Hypnotherapists, the value of hypnosis in sport has been well recognised. The techniques used by professional sportsmen and women to improve their game and concentration, reduce tournament nerves, and so on, are easy to learn and dramatic in the changes they bring. My sports therapy approach is designed to teach you the skills you need in a few sessions, so that you can continue to gain from them throughout your life.Learn the visualisation techniques professionals use to win, including how to mentally rehearse strategies and plays to win.


  • Gain more from your training.
  • Overcome Performance Anxiety.
  • Increase your Motivation.
  • Gain more energy.
  • Develop the desired Positive Mental Attitude and be able to summon it when you need it most.
  • Increase healing and reduce recovery time.
  • Develop the skills to be relaxed and in control at will.

The area of increasing physical healing through hypnosis is a swiftly growing area of research. This study is of particular interest: This Harvard Medical School study shows that hypnosis significantly reduces the time it takes to heal physical injuries and wounds. “Six weeks after an ankle fracture, those in the hypnosis group showed the equivalent of eight and a half weeks of healing.”Harvard Medical School, Carol Ginandes and Union Institute in Cincinnati, Patricia Brooks, Harvard University Gazette Online at http://www.hno.harvard.edu/gazette/2003/05.08/01-hypnosis.html.

Helping with Anxiety, Panic, Nightmares, Poor Sleep, Stress, Anger, Trauma, Grief, and related issues.

When we worry all the time our minds are making a bigger deal out of things than is needed. We often know this, but how do you stop it? That 'always-on-alert' feeling, the racing mind, poor sleep, frustration or explosions of anger and other signs show us that we need to do something.

After decades of Anxiety & Depression John is determined to make up for lost time, Since overcoming those issues in his own life he has trained internationally with leaders in the field of personal change including Paul McKenna, and Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP.

Now with over three and a half thousand hours of clinical experience, and qualifications in both complementary and evidence-based therapies, he has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to create the lives they want. He is a licensed Trainer of NLP, an EMDR Institute trained Psycho-Trauma therapist and a qualified Hypnotherapist.

His personal experience of depression and anxiety, including too many nights waking in panic and fear and failing to get back to sleep gave John both the insight and motivation to help others who experience similar.

Understanding the way life can become empty when anxiety makes us hold back and avoid so much of life, John is very happy now to be helping people overcome such problems. Those years of waking, dreading the day ahead mean that John now savours each day free of anxiety and lives life to the max. John is always happy to talk to those suffering about how you can change your life for the better.

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