EMDR for Trauma

Trauma occurs when an emotional event overwhelms the brain’s normal mechanisms and we take on board too strong a learning about the event. For example, if you nearly drown it could happen that your mind takes the traumatic event on board and creates a reaction to water designed to keep you from encountering a similar situation. This overreaction can vary in trauma from a strong fear to outright panic at triggers that cause the mind to recall the frightening situation. There triggers could be obvious, such as fear of a river to a more general form such as panic at leaving your home. In each case the reaction is designed to protect you but it can be an over the top response.

Thankfully the brain can relearn a more appropriate response to the traumatic event and EMDR is very successful in this regard.

Common symptoms of trauma include:

  • Distraction and difficulty concentrating
  • Anxiety, fear and panic
  • Mood swings and anger
  • Self blame and guilt
  • A sense of disconnection or withdrawal from others
  • Poor sleep / disturbing dreams
  • Heightened startle response (jump at loud noise etc.)
  • Feelings of sadness and hopelessness
  • Pain, aches, and fatigue

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Helping with Anxiety, Panic, Nightmares, Poor Sleep, Stress, Anger, Trauma, Grief, and related issues.

When we worry all the time our minds are making a bigger deal out of things than is needed. We often know this, but how do you stop it? That 'always-on-alert' feeling, the racing mind, poor sleep, frustration or explosions of anger and other signs show us that we need to do something.

After decades of Anxiety & Depression John is determined to make up for lost time, Since overcoming those issues in his own life he has trained internationally with leaders in the field of personal change including Paul McKenna, and Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP.

Now with over three and a half thousand hours of clinical experience, and qualifications in both complementary and evidence-based therapies, he has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to create the lives they want. He is a licensed Trainer of NLP, an EMDR Institute trained Psycho-Trauma therapist and a qualified Hypnotherapist.

His personal experience of depression and anxiety, including too many nights waking in panic and fear and failing to get back to sleep gave John both the insight and motivation to help others who experience similar.

Understanding the way life can become empty when anxiety makes us hold back and avoid so much of life, John is very happy now to be helping people overcome such problems. Those years of waking, dreading the day ahead mean that John now savours each day free of anxiety and lives life to the max. John is always happy to talk to those suffering about how you can change your life for the better.

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